Getting Started using the PeopleBrowsr Kred API


  1. Sign Up for Default Developer Access (500,000 calls/day Global Kred Score Access)
  2. Confirm Your Key via Email (may take a moment or two to send)
  3. Login to your account
  4. Click on "Dashboard" on the upper right hand menu to view your Dashboard.
  5. Click on "Application".
  6. Click on "View" next to your application to find your app_key and app_ID.
  7. Find and record your app_id + app_key for future use.


  1. Find a Kred API resource / output you'd like to use from the Kred API Resource Dictionary:
  2. Find a sample request URL (link to KredScore; link to Kred - all communities) and copy it to your clipboard
  3. Paste call within a browser and add your app_id and app_key.
  4. Press "Go" or "Enter" to execute the call. This should return a call with "status": "complete".
  5.  { "data": [ { "influence": 770, "name": "peoplebrowsr", "outreach": 7 } ], "id": "999-d67c098d511315e215e1f7f0a09c3f57", "request": { "app_id": "2476ec6a", "app_key": "281014ad8b0fba5adcc88fac7d79999c", "external": true, "name": "kredscore", "source": "twitter", "term": "peoplebrowsr" }, "status": "complete" }
  6. If not, press "Go" or "Enter" again on the url to "call" the API again and it will return "complete".

Start Hacking!

Make sure and email us if you need any help: